Sumida Aquarium

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2018.04.16(a week ago)Kayleigh G
This is an awesome little aquarium! At the door it seemed expensive but the quality inside was fantastic! They provide maps in a variety of languages including English. My two friends and I had a wonderful time watching all the jellyfish, eels, penguins and other aquatic life. I could stay in the Jellyfish Kaleidoscope Tunnel for hours! If you're local I'd recommend an annual membership so you can enjoy it again and again!
2018.04.22(in the last week)Jamie Palliser
This aquarium doesn't have a huge amount, but what it does have is done very well - must be the cleanest aquarium I've every been in, every tank looks brand new and the water and glass is so clear (even in the penguin tank!). Everything looked well kept and healthy, penguins had a good sized tank to play about in. I did think the seals didn't have much space though. All in all worth a visit when combined with the SkyTree next door.
2018.02.12(2 months ago)Lillion
This place is pretty depressing. The tanks for certain species are far too small in relation to their size and intelligence. Some of the fish are in tanks that have absolutely nothing else in them so they have nowhere to hide from all the people, which is a lot since this place seems pretty busy. We noticed the penguins seem to have a mirrored tank which gives off the appearance that they’re interacting with guests, when in reality they’re just chasing their own reflection. The seal tank is shockingly small and nowhere near big enough. I honestly feel a bit sick about the fact that I gave this place my money, please do not come here if you love animals.
2017.12.10(4 months ago)An Ngo
Visited with my wife and 7 month old son (from the UK). Had a great time at the aquarium. It isn't huge but is very well laid out in 8 zones over two floors. Quite educational with all signage translated into English so no need for audio guides etc. Highlights were the large central tank with floor to ceiling glass containing some extraordinary sealife you could get a really good view of. Our son loved this. There is also a large open tank containing penguins which was another highlight, particularly as we caught feeding time! Could easily get around in less than 2 hours. Baby changing facilities excellent! There is a separate baby feeding room. Cafe inside serving coffee and ice cream which we didn't use.
2018.03.17(a month ago)Feridun Findik
It is a full experience with all your senses. At the entrance you get overwhelmed with a comfortable scent. After you dive in the world of sea. It is difficult to explain so better experience yourself.